Mutual benefit dating website

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Mutual benefit dating website

According to her, the ad implies that women should "earn" their student loans, which is a camouflage for prostitution, which may be an alluring option for vulnerable female students.

"Those who end up on the prostitution market are often vulnerable people who may have been subjected to abuse earlier in life.

"You make an effort to look good and you deserve to be treated accordingly. They also realize that good-looking women ought to be taken shopping and on exotic travels," the website claimed.

The same website described sugar daddies as "wealthy men of position" whose busy life and years of marriage "took the spark and the magic out of their private life." At the same time, an apt disclaimer was placed for potential sugar babies.

Write about yourself in an arbitrary manner and answer a couple of questions of the questionnaire which in turn will help other members of TAU2 to locate you on the website.

"We are particularly skeptical about the website speculating about the monetary benefits, such as gifts and free travels, especially for girls who do not have the best economy.

I believe this ad would raise eyebrows even in the 50s with its attitudes towards women in those days," Elisabeth Lier Haugseth said, venturing that the ad may be considered unethical and gender-discriminatory.

TAU2 helps to optimize your search and find precisely that kind of a person whom you're looking for.

TAU2 is oriented at serious relationships only, and this will facilitate your search significantly.

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If you want to, you can provide self-description in a few languages at a time, add comments to your photos, keep a blog of your own, give an interview and do many other things.