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Ninja sex chat site

I noticed that my entery wasnt the longest anymore, or it didn't appear to be so and thus, I must edit it. but if it wasn't for all you greedy SOB's, I would be.

I'll argue my point till I die, I'm generally right, even if indirectly.

double AAbatterie (double): The official chatterbox of ninja chat. grrrlpower5 (e-beth from da hud, grrl, e-beth, Fruit): Screw Forks, I'm going to Camp Half-Blood Hellgrit: (AKA Numbnuts) Some crazy thing : P Dunno what happened but I think I may of hit my head : D So I herd you like Mudkipz. Herian "I am SO going to quote that out of context." (Grrrlpower5 is too) (TWHS too) hinamuffins(muffin): the one and only! I'm artsyfarty and embrace every consequence that follows. My mother-tongue isn't English so sorry if I make some spelling mistakes, you're welcome to correct me. Kaytti: Perhaps the oldest, technology-wise Grandma out there. Albinoblackbear: Im a black bear with the genetic mutation that causes me to be white. Allen42(Allen, Ninja Dad): The old man of Ninja chat. Alpha2008: "I'm a TIMELORD." - "My TARDIS is a red sand castle shaped bucket." Arassar: Ninja Chat is the only channel that didn't make me want to stick a pencil into my eye, so I decided to hang out there whilst gaming. 2 years on Kong and Ninja chat is my home (yes i live in cyberspace now) Atayl129: ok Azipoo =[ but i am still the ninja chats local fatman!! Watch out for Blar when he's on a rampage its a mute fest. Azieru, Blarlack, Confuzzledmaniac, Fuzzy Bacon, JKuang, Mr Spontaneous, Panther Shah, Rachiface, Xiatrix, and Xestrix are usually around to keep things turning and keep us from killing each other with our ninja skills. Phoenix00017 also lurks in Ninja Chat, but since he graduated to "Admin" and got his shiny K, apparently he's too good to talk to us peons anymore. Theresa C can also be spotted in Ninja Chat every now and then, but she doesn't talk much because Blarlack smells and she hates him. We once had a record mod-party with a 22mod cap, plus Phoenix00017. Never, and I mean NEVER, conquer other chats in the name of Ninja Chat, otherwise you will get a tongue lashing from Blarlack. If Blarlack isn't available, Fuzzybacon will settle for giving you an actual lashing.

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Ninja Chat was shut down as of 2015, no idea when it actually happened, but it's not there anymore.