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Reading "Diary of a Nose" by Ellena, you can understand his character more, and guess that he is a sensitive soul, a man who doesn't need to shout, just like his perfumes.But he also describes how as a perfumer, he tries to see each note as devoid of any association or emotion, in order to use it as a part of a musical-like olfactory composition in which the whole perfume, not the single floral or woodsy or aquatic note, expresses an emotion.It feels like the golden heat of the Mediterranean in summer, sunlight on the piles of crisp leaves in fall, a clear blue sky over the barrenness in winter, and the first real warmth of the year in spring.The sillage and longevity are low-moderate, but that is perfect for me.Ellena is a one-of-a-kind perfumer who believes the idea of scent needs to evolve with the times, but never in the direction of vulgarity, always in the direction of simple, understanted elegance.I have just started to like Hermes perfumes few months ago, when I bought Le jardin du Monsieur Li.

I had to laugh inside of me because I think that Mademoiselle has a similar dry down but it is louder, scratchier and overwhelming at the point of being almost unbearable whereas Jour is a smooth operator with low to moderate silage but exceptional longevity.

I was taken by how amazing all the hermes prefumes are, they are beautiful.

But definitely not with the projection and I love a strong perfume! I have a 100 mils of this that I have to use but I end up spraying so much A expensive purchase!

Joy, light and grace were the words that came into my mind when I first smelled this fragrance and I immediately envisioned Grace Kelly in the movie High Society wearing that white dress and sitting around the blue pool while men swirl around her languishing for her.

This is the scent of an elegant, beautiful woman, restrained and passionate at the same time.

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Literarily speaking Jour de Hermes in edp and in Parfum are my most complimented scents, along with Organza Indecence from Givenchy. No, because roses and vanilla hold the deeper layers of my heart, but they seem to just fit me so well that I will always have them in my collection . The sweet pea tries to break through to soften the bitterness, but it too subtle and does not succeed.

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